Will you use
ball roller?
Optical cable construction of several km.
EHeavy underground high-voltage cable construction
EElectric wire on ship

zNo automotive society if there is no tire.
No electric society without the electric wire.

And, electric wire laying is very@hard work.
Electric wire
layingEEEPlease leave it to ballroller. !

@@@Fishnet Ballroller

Ballroller is a tire to have the shape of the ball. The air spring of the tire changes the heavy labor construction into light work . 40 years passed from the application of the fishing net.
The application has expanded in the industrial world.
@New built ship@in@Shipyard
@Construction of underground cable
@AMP device of large-scale containership
@Construction of trying bend of SUS multi pipe of LNG ship
@Large work welding robot
20 human strength

19kg in weight

 Ship yard

 Cable drum
Ball roller's characteristic
There are a lot of models that have already been put to practical use. They are @@reliable companions who were born respectively from needs of the site. (~o~)
@The electric wire is evenly encompassed with ball roller's air spring.
@Pressure in ball roller's air is same about 2kg/cu as the car.
@It freely transforms even if the outside diameter of the cable changes
@@by the air spring and it follows.
@There are several kinds of outside diameters of ball roller from the
@@small size i150jto large-scalei600j according to the load.
@The structure is made, and it is therefore simple, operativeness can
@@ be good, and a light, small one be made.
@Ball roller has been handled for the past 50 years as a fishing
@@ net repatriation machine. The quality is a first class.
There are an oil pressure motor, an air motor, and an electric
@@servo motor invertermotor@as power.

The natural damage such as earthquakes happens frequently. Ball roller exercises her power over the restoration construction.
Please master ball roller usually.
machine for underground supply of electric power
Optical cable Supply of electric power underground cable of electric power
Our global machine greatly contributes to the promotion of making to the earth of the electric wire.

Traction is from 200kgf to 1000kgf.

From the coaxial cable of several km
It is possible to construct it to the electric wire of CVT1000sq.

Arrangements are easy, and the operation is also easy.
The best machine can be prepared according to the site.

The outside diameter is from 150 to 450 in a globular tire.
Electric wire drum
The one side flange of the drum is put to ball roller. And, it is rotated.
EIt is convenient to draw out and to wind up.
`lo(Alternative maritime power)
AMP is the last resort of the global warming prevention and
the air pollution prevention by the ship.
It is a system that stops the dynamo inboard and supplies a clean land electric power while mooring.
The approach is started as one of the international agreements (MARPOL) by the ship for anti-pollution.
AMP made by the CABOTEC company has already been applied in the Los Angeles port in the United States in advance of the world for a large-scale containership.
Ball roller is useful for AMP of all ships including a large-scalecontainership.
That is, safety is high, and it excels in operativeness. Moreover, any ship and any harbor equipment can be set up comparatively easily. The place is not taken up because it is simple and small, the construction period is a little, and it is advantageous in the comparison with another system in all respects.
It can confirm made by the CABOTEC company AMP by the image etc. the input with Google and Yahoo as "Alternative maritime power".
Device that repatriates water, air hose, and electric wire

The hull is welded
while the rise up.
For shipyard and site of big project
Ship reservation device
E Pulling of reservation rope of large-scale ship on the quay side
EIt doesn't give the rope a pull manually.
Stainless multi tube
SUS Multi-Tube
The curved one is made the immediate truth it.
Device that repatriates fishing net by ballroller
EBallroller did the revolution of the fishing method. I

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