Why do you need it?
The use of SUS multi tube has risen in the LNG ship in recent years and the plants, etc. because of the life prolongment of equipment. However, SUS multi tube cannot manually mend the curved habit of causing it by the drum rolling etc. because it is hard unlike the copper pipe. Therefore, work is bad, and it is disliked because of the site.
This device appeared as a device that solved this difficult problem. The principle immediate truth it does curved SUS multi tube by the tug-of-war action.
It is a simple principle that generates tug-of-war power (200kgf?400kgf) at both ends with two our pulling balloller
To the way of the photograph below
It changes it into a straight appearance high-speed and continuously only by passing it from the drum through this device as it is. It is possible to apply it to copper multi tube.
Rapid efficiency and the quality improvement to say nothing of beautiful piping finish can be attempted.
LNG Ship@@EBD230-SP@@@230-Ballroller@
One terminal processing of SUS multi tube example
It became an excellent result by the 150 type as shown in the photograph in the under.

EB2R-150P-SP O`}

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